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The Principles that Guide Our Actions

The Principles that Guide Our Actions

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

Stay Furnished Apartments is in the business of helping other people as they transition from one home to another. Having grown up and lived in several different states & Canada I have a first-hand experience of what’s involved in moving to a new area, from my experience as a child and what all was involved in that for my parents, and now with my own family. Our mission is to make that time less stressful by providing you a beautifully furnished apartment where your spirit can grow and we can be an ambassador to our city/state so you and your family don’t miss a beat.



How do we do that:

We work in concert with our communities and other partners to provide valuable services to our clients, always working for the best interests of all team members.

STAY Principles

Providing the best possible quality, service and value to all of our guests . Doing whatever is reasonable, and sometimes unreasonable, to make certain that each guest’s needs are met each and every day.

Doing what is right. Caring about the dignity and rights of each individual. Acting fairly and responsibly with all parties. Being a good citizen in the communities in which we operate.

Understanding that we must all work together if we are to be successful. Realizing that each individual must contribute to the team to remain a member of the team. Teamwork, relationships, effective communication, and mutual respect…Win/Win for all.

Striving to perform every job or action in a superior way. Being innovative, seeking new and better ways to get things done. Helping all individuals to become the best that they can be in their jobs and careers.

Once We’ve Done It:
When we achieve our goal, good things happen: sales increase, profits are made, employees are rewarded, jobs are created, our communities benefit, we have fun, and our guests are happy and proud—with a beautifully furnished apartment by Stay Furnished Apartments that they can call home.

Our Iconic Stay for a Global Award winning actor is an example of all things coming together and achieving our goals, click here for more information and pictures of this unique apartment.

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