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Part of your education might mean doing an internship at a bank, hospital across the country or attending a training program a few states away. Despite the situation, if you’re going to be away for more than a day, you need a place to stay. What’s difficult about this is finding a place where you can sign a short-term lease. Today, apartment occupancy is way up and rates continue to climb. However, Stay Furnished Apartments can customize a student solution to streamline your efforts as a aspiring career professional.

Many interns and students who have visited Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro, recognize stay as the provider of luxurious furnished apartments in North Carolina.

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If you need a place to hold training programs where students can stay for a few days, weeks, or just months, Stay Furnished Apartments has the location. Training can happen in the business center or transportation can be arranged to an offsite location. Whatever amenities you need, we provide. Our goal is to provide short-term living arrangements for interns in an environment conducive for learning and further education.

With Stay, you get the furnished apartment you need for a fruitful educational trip as an intern or student. Book your furnished apartment today!