Iconic stay.

Designed for Mickey Rourke

The Iconic stay.

“Home is the garden of the soul; you should put in it what helps your heart find it’s inner song. You should weed out and remove what doesn’t.” Alan Price

Designing an apartment that will inspire a Global Award winning actor during his stay filming The Ashby in Charlotte NC was our challenge.  The actor was Mickey Rourke, it had to be iconic, a one of a kind that told a story and inspired you.  Working with a local furniture designer, long time friend and mentor, we opted for a Gran Prix racing, Louis Vuitton, art Decco, leather, Italian motorcycle theme…with an industrial influence.

All of the furniture was either designed by or was the inspiration for future designs by Alan Price.  With such beautiful designs and furniture it should be noted that the leather furniture is made of Moore & Giles Leather – an 80 year old luxury leather company from Virginia.  The passion between design, leather, and craftsmanship all coming together.

1969 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson Motorcyle – The Italian Harley-Davidson featuring Moore & Giles Leather with crocodile seats.

Entering the apartment, the hall was lined with five leather hide wall treatments.  Each piece tells a seductive story, it arouses an interest in the story behind it, and the designer.  The leather work in this apartment had previously been on display at a museum in Chicago and was inspired by a poem the designer had written herself.  A Tale of Two Equals by Casey Gunschel.

MarsFab Off Road, a company that specialized in custom fabrication, parts and design for anything off road was commissioned a few times during this design.  Yes an off road welding fabricator was needed, and Chris Marshall has some serious talent that goes beyond vehicles.

Silver Tears Campers, featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas book also played a part in our design.  There were no campers in the apartment but the craftsman ship that goes into these world class campers requires unique pieces and molds, those were just what we were looking for and can be seen as the stands for our 14′ walnut slab spanning the living room wall.

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Stay Furnished Apartments work with exciting local companies and designers to make their furnished apartments one of a kind.  We will design an apartment that fits the style and uniqueness of each individual.

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