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  • June 29, 2016

    Thank you, Jennie! Stay Furnished has been great… it’s been a real pleasure to live in this apartment for three months. We loved it so much, we decided to stay and lease a place on the 20th floor!


    Element Uptown
  • Received December 15, 2014

    Housekeeping is so awesome! I haven’t been at the apartment in a few days and was there only briefly this morning so I know I threw bags and stuff all over the place. Ilona cleaned up everything! She even emptied my dishwasher and put my dirty dishes in the washer. She does such a great job. Thank you so much!!

    H. Young

  • Received October 23, 2014 by guest

    Thank you for assisting me with my living accommodation. I enjoyed my stay so much that I’m making Weston at Lakeside my permanent home. I will follow all of the instructions attached and again, thanks for everything.

    G. Bivins

    Thank You
  • Received October 20, 2014 by guest

    Hi Jennie!

    I just want to say what a wonderful job the house keeper did on Thursday! Everything was spotless!


    H. Young
    Nuclear IT Integration

  • Received September 24, 2014 by a Project Team

     The overwhelming response in regards to Stay Furnished’s responsiveness and overall experience has been extremely positive! Thanks to both of you and your staff for all you continue to do for our Project Team!!

    Thanks all – we do truly appreciate you guys!!

    S. Saunders
    IT Business Program Director

  • Received October 1, 2014

     Thank you, Mark and to all of your staff who have helped make our new housing in the Element a true home, away from home! I have been extremely impressed by the whole process and the commitment to customer service you and your team have showed us.

    Again, thanks so much for all of your efforts.

    Thank you,

    J. D.
    Manager – Nuclear Merger Integration Change Management

    Thank you Mark & Jennie
  • Received August 22, 2014 by Move Group filming in Charlotte:

     I write to thank you for your spot-on service, attention to detail, and always available and on-point staff.
    In the film industry, we’re often surrounded by large personalities that can be more demanding than perhaps any other.
    You and your team handled odd requests and last minute changes with great aplomb … and always with a smile.
    I truly hope to do business with you and Stay Furnished again in the near future.
    My very best,
    Scott P.
    Line Producer

    Thank You Stay Furnished