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Stay Furnished Apartments is passionate about modern apartments and furnishing them with comfortable, stylish furniture. Designed for people in all industries and circumstances, we’re honored to make our furnished apartments your “home away from home.” If you’d like to book an apartment or have any questions at all, please contact us.



Stay somewhere comfortable while you find your new home.  Relocating to a new city is a big change. You want to get settled as soon as possible. With Stay Furnished Apartments, you’re settled the minute you walk through the door. A Stay location has everything you need to live comfortably. You’ll be able to get to work and take your time finding permanent housing.
If you are in charge of finding housing for new employees give stay a call today. We make the transition stress-free for you and your new hire.  If you need to move a large group all at once, we can handle the housing. Give one of our housing specialists a call today and start planning the group’s relocation.
We offer worldwide assistance, our short-term housing locations are in the best areas with lots of amenities.


Focus on your clients while we focus on you.  Consulting means going to the client’s location and setting up a “home-away-from home.” As corporate housing leaders Stay Furnished Apartments has more exceptional locations than any other short-term housing company. All of our units are upscale and filled with things to make your stay easier and your time away from home more productive.

At Stay Furnished, we take pride in having furnished apartments for consultants available. Our mission is to make the traveling and temporary relocation routine of a consultant enjoyable and relaxing. With the furnished apartments from Stay, you’ll look forward to visiting your next client. You may even start to consider us a valued business partner as we’re sure to make every visit of yours better than the last.


Accessible, secure apartments located where you need to be. Conventional Apartments for Politicians, Stay Furnished Apartments offers furnished, short-term living spaces in cities all over the world. Our government program is designed to meet the living standards for state and federal government employees. We offer comfort as well as security and accessibility. Our furnished apartments for government employees are the best short-term housing options for work-related trips.

In addition to providing government employees with comfortable, short-term housing, we also offer our furnished apartments to military personnel undergoing PCS-TDY relocation. Whether you’re a civilian government employee, soldier, or government contractor, Stay has the accommodations you seek for a pleasant visit. The only things you need to bring are your work supplies and suitcase of clothes. Leave aesthetics and room comfort to us.  It’s just one less thing you have to think about with your busy schedule. With your apartment reserved, all you have to do is arrive, get to work and relax.



Looking for a short-term housing solution during your internship? Stay has you covered.

Part of your education might mean doing an internship at a bank, hospital across the country or attending a training program a few states away. Despite the situation, if you’re going to be away for more than a day, you need a place to stay. What’s difficult about this is finding a place where you can sign a short-term lease. Today, apartment occupancy is way up and rates continue to climb. However, Stay Furnished Apartments can customize a student solution to streamline your efforts as a aspiring career professional.

If you need a place to hold training programs where students can stay for a few days, weeks, or just months, Stay Furnished Apartments has the location. Training can happen in the business center or transportation can be arranged to an offsite location. Whatever amenities you need, we provide. Our goal is to provide short-term living arrangements for interns in an environment conducive for learning and further education.


Relocation Insurance Claim

Convenient Apartments for the Insured, sometimes, things happen very fast and you find yourself without a roof over your head.

After a damaging event, setting up a temporary home base is the first thing you need to do. Just give us a call and we’ll open the door to a fully furnished and functional home, right away. We will also work directly with your insurance agent so you can deal with matters at hand.

Our furnished apartments for insured homeowners can’t replace your home, but they can offer you comfort while your home is being rebuilt or repaired. We have homeowners with temporary living situations in the past and we look forward to helping you. With comfortable furnishings and home-inspired decor, our furnished apartments offer you peace of mind during difficult times.

If you have insurance and are looking for immediate temporary housing, call our emergency line at 704.392.9977 or contact us online today.


Take a break from entertaining others and let Stay Furnished entertain you. Touring groups, performers and celebrities welcome.  As an entertainer, performance is everything. You will want to be at your absolute best no matter what field of entertainment you are in. When you are performing from venue to venue, you can find yourself a little exhausted and in need of some deep rest and relaxation. At Stay Furnished, we understand the importance of being completely well-rested.

If you are looking to spend a day or two to yourself and away from the steady roar of the crowd, we have plenty of luxurious furnished apartments for entertainers that will be sure to suit your needs. You will find that staying in one of our spacious, furnished, and gorgeous apartment units will help you in performing at a high quality for your fans. With one of our units, you will have room to breathe, play, and relax.


Housing Professional Athlete

Sports travel means relocation, training and playing in new places. It’s nice to have a place to stay that’s as flexible as you are.  Sports travel means relocation, training and playing in new places. As an athlete, you are always on the go—and the last thing you have time for is finding short-term housing. If you’re looking for the perfect location for your next big game, let us help.

At Stay Furnished, we have luxury apartments in great areas. From the city to the outskirts, we have the perfect place for your stay. If you’re looking for a quality place to rest and relax before your next big game, book a room with us today! We have the perfect extended stay apartments for athletes around.

Business Travelers

Business Traveler

Accessible, secure apartments located where you need to be. No matter where your work takes you, Stay Furnished Apartments offers furnished, short-term living spaces in cities all over the world. We offer comfort as well as security and accessibility. Our furnished apartments are the best short-term housing options for work-related trips.

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